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1 About Folius | 关于我们

Invest in, evangelize, and #buidl Web3 initiatives.


We love APAC founders!

2 Team | 团队

Founder: @Mapleleafcap

CFO / COO: Brian Chan

Head of Ventures: @Chrislulu816

Venture Partner - 2C & AI: @0xAikoDai

Analyst: @KD2Moon

Advisor: Neil Gomes

Anon Advisor 1, 2, 3

We are hiring!


3 Portfolio | 被投企业

Private Investment List

Visit for token ideas!


* Completed and pending investments, private investments included only. Folius has substantial non-private exposure that is not disclosed above.

* 上述链接只呈现一叶创投已完成或待完成的私募投资。

4 Opportunities | 机会

Folius Hiring:


Deal & Other:

Deal inquiry:

Media & other:






5 Writing | 文献

Content | 内容一览*

* By viewing the materials, you agree to the disclaimer below. Readers should not construe the contents as legal, tax, investment or other advice. The authors are not compensated by any parties. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of information within the materials. All opinions are the authors' and do not serve as endorsement to any projects mentioned.

* 在参照上述文献前,您已同意了下述的免责声明。读者不应将文献的内容解释为法律、税务、投资或其他建议。一叶创投没有得到任何一方报酬。我们无法保证本演示文稿中信息的准确性。所有的意见皆为个人所有且带有主观性, 也不能作为对任何提及项目的背书。

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